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Classified Ads

Solar Power Plants Installation Service

In Turkey, we have professional engineers and reliable technical team for solar power plants instatllion.We do steel, panel mount, AC / DC Power, LV / MV / HV transformer connections, camera and lighting. we provide fault detection and EPC installation services such as commissioning to you. You can contact us for your GES projects and get a quote.

[CALL] Strategic Cooperation in the Field of Energy / Technology

I am the founder of Ervis Teknoloji Energy Eng. and San. Tic. Ltd. has conducted R & D studies in the field of solar energy under the company roof. Parabolic Reflective Vacuum Tube Solar Collectors and Heating System Design project with Teknogirisim Capital and KOSGEB Arge Innovation Supports successfully completed. Project-based priority features for KOSGEB Industrial Application and Technocity support. We are looking for a strategic partnership in which we have an investment plan in energy, software, electronic hardware, manufacturing sectors, or to prepare for investment support. You can contact me with this call instruction and detailed information about the current situation.

Solar Power Plants Installation

We would like to be your turnkey or part-based solution partner, including steel construction, panel mounting, security systems, AC / DC electricity, LV / MV / HV transformer connection and construction activities. You can get more information about social media and visit our website.


As Yıldırım Excavation; On GES and RES projects, - Land preparation, - ENCH, AG, OG We are the solution partner of investors with 75MW of work done. We have all the machine tools in our world and our electrical and mechanical team have it. Among our references; Halk Enerji, Helios A.Ş., TNC Energy. You can contact us for your projects.

Solar Panels

Installation and managing of solar panels

Solar Power Plants for Sale for Investors

We have 300 MWp Unlicensed Solar Power Plant in Turkey is it sale for investors.

Solar Installation and Assembly

Our company Solarbau Montenegro was established in Germany in 2008 and has undertaken the installation of as many projects as the day-to-day. Our company, since 2017 has been moved to Turkey and gives GES installation services. We can supply steel construction, panel assembly, AC / DC electricity, LV / MV / HV transformer connection turnkey or partly according to your need. You can get more information by visiting Facebook and our Web site.

Establishing 1 mW solar energy plant

1 mW solar power plant to build power plant

Solar Power Plant Team

Our expert team is working with Dc AG OG camera lighting automation business.

Job Search

I am a graduate of Erciyes University, Department of Energy Engineering. There are two different companies in the field of solar, 3 field, 20 Mwp field practice in the construction supervision experience. I can evaluate job advertisements to begin in early February. I can share CVs with the people involved. Thank you


Day / daily skıll servıce ıs provıded to ges projects. The operators are ın 20 years ın the assembly sector wıth experıence ın the sector. Dıfferent brand model machınes.

EPC Services / 100mwh Up Projects Licensed Unlicensed Quest

Our company established in 2012 has completed 163 MWh project to date. You can find our references and photos at We provide all kinds of consultancy, project preparation and turnkey EPC services with subcontracting services in our own organization. We are looking for a project with up to 100 MWh license agreement, ready to install, licensed and licensed.

Solar Power Plant Sales / Rent

I am looking forward to sell or rent my land which is having marginal report for solar power plant. İf you are interested in please get in touch with me.

Ready Solar Power Plant Request

In the range of 100-150 kW, is requested, speacially around Antalya Or Muğla.

The Land İs Selling Which Have Marginal Report

In the range of 100-150 kW, is requested, speacially around Antalya Or Muğla.

Searching a Wind Power Station

We are looking for a complete installation of the Wind Power Station My request is between 3 - 25 Mw capacity.

Solar Energy Plant Request

We are looking for solar Energy plants that have been installed. -Minimum will be worth more then 1700 radios. -31.12.2017 before the "Temporary Acceptance to Ready" documented is requested. We are looking for more then 3 mw Capacity

Solar Energy plants PANEL CLEANING

In solar energy projects; we clean the solar panels with the brushless machine which does not damage the panels completely using ultra ultra pure ionized water. (There is a European Quality Institute laboratory test to see if there is any damage to my brush panels.) We do not have any requests for electricity, water and personnel from the customer. You can contact us for your projects.

Solar Power Plants Installation

FITTING OR CONCRETE, STEEL MOUNTING, PANEL MOUNTING With our experienced team, we make three (3) items as work, pls get contact with us.

Helios Solar Works - Solar Panel

We have 1 MW ~ + panels for immediate delivery. 265 W P Brand: Helios Solar Works. Without customs affairs; products are at İZMİT port. Contact for details.

3MW Solar Power Plant For Sale

İn Adana 3 mW solar power systems are for sale.

Land for Solar Energy Plants is For Sale

FOR SALE 106.000 M2 LAND