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About Technicall Renewable Energy,

Technicall Renewable Energy Consultancy Trade Limited Company has officially started its activities in the Edible Energy Sector on August 15, 2017. Our work areas are mainly after-sales services, training and consulting.

After-sales services are managed on the basis of “accessibility” through our Call Center. Our purpose; to be a sharing center where people can ask for what they have to think about Renewable Energy, get useful information, ask for services for their problems, and ask for advice. The management and satisfaction research of the field services we provide is also carried out by this center.

Educational services are as “flexible” as possible, providing participants with a comprehensive, real-world experience and real-world information that they can directly apply in everyday life. There is no requirement for a certain number of participants for training, and our training can be arranged in the company itself if desired. The duration and content of the training can be specified in line with the needs of the firm.

Counseling services are built on “empathy”. It is our most important aim to find the most accurate and reasonable one for you with a careful attention to detail, to give you tips to make your choice between the choices you make, and to be with you after you get the service (your system is set up).

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  • Kerem Çilli
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