“Best of the Year” Award to Zorlu Energy’s two CSR projects

Zorlu Energy continues to make difference through investment projects that contribute to the sector’s growth as well as social responsibility projects launched with a vision of socially responsible investor. Zorlu Energy has received two awards at the 2016 International Corporate Social Responsibility Awards organized by JCI Culture – Junior Chamber International, one of the most prestigious non-governmental organizations worldwide. Zorlu Energy’s “Our Energy for Children”, the first national educational project on energy in Turkey and “Slam Dunk to the Life with Buharkent Youth” that aims to integrate disadvantaged children into society have each won an award. Projects were reviewed based on their compliance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Projects that add value to education are our priority”

Zorlu Energy Corporate Communications Manager Esra Çakır stated that they regarded corporate social responsibility projects not as temporary solutions but as applications that will foster change in social growth and development and added: “Zorlu Energy defines itself as a “responsible corporate citizen”. We aim to materialize our approach through our sustainability efforts, social responsibility projects as well as strong communication with stakeholders. Both as a company and as individuals, we are well aware of the significant tasks that we carry out in order to unite the world on a path to a more inclusive and sustainable development. We believe that our projects owe their success to this responsible and deliberate approach.”

Stating that they are pleased to have received awards for both CSR projects that they have launched, Ms. Çakır said: It is very important for us that “Our Energy for Children” project complies with “Quality Education”, “Affordable and Clean Energy”, “Responsible Production and Consumption”, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, “Partnerships for the Goals”, “Climate Action”, “Reduced Inequalities” while “Slam Dunk to the Life with Buharkent Youth” project complies with “Good Health and Well-Being” and “Reduced Inequalities”, goals set for ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and tackling climate change by 2030.

Children are learning about energy while having fun

The first national educational project on energy launched by Zorlu Energy in 2010, “Our Energy for Children” aims to prepare the new generation for the future by informing them on energy resources, renewable energy and sustainability. Reaching over 190 thousand students so far, the project has transformed into an effective, process-based and sustainable model in which learning process is supported by games at the beginning of 2015-2016 school year. While establishing an exclusive cooperation with Provincial Directorates of National Education for the project that has been enriched through parallel content to the curriculum, more solid learning outcomes and activities extended to the whole year, Bahçeşehir and Hacettepe Universities provided expert academic support in drafting content on energy, pedagogics and education.

“Slam Dunk to the Life with Buharkent Youth”, another CSR project by Zorlu Energy Group, aims to integrate financially and socially disadvantaged children into society by encouraging their participation in sports in Buharkent district of Aydın. Launched at the end of 2014 and supported by Buharkent District Governorate and District Municipality along with many other local institutions, the project will last three years and 50 students in its first year and 100 students in its second year participated from schools located in Buharkent central area and villages.

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