Gazprom mulls Baumgarten for TurkStream gas to Europe

To stay successful, Europe should also maximize benefits from energy systems based on natural gas, says Gazprom’s Medvedev.
Russian’s gas giant Gazprom is considering using Austria’s Baumgarten gas hub to bring natural gas to Europe via the TurkStream’s second line, Alexander Medvedev, deputy chairman of the management committee of Gazprom said Tuesday.

Medvedev, speaking during the European Gas Conference in Vienna, said that last year brought good news for Gazprom as Russia saw record gas exports to Europe.

“We still consider different options on how to bring gas to Europe via the second line of TurkStream. There are other options but one is to bring it to Austria’s Baumgarten,” he said.

He noted that in accordance with Gazprom’s forecast, Europe would need an additional 50 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas by 2025, and 75 bcm by 2035.

He said that there has been an incremental increase in natural gas consumption throughout several countries in Europe.

“Natural gas is a vital component for a sustainable energy system and for its development. To stay successful, Europe should also maximize on benefits from energy systems based on natural gas,” Medvedev said.

“This estimate was the most conservative estimate among all,” he warned.

Medvedev cited the TurkStream and Nord Stream II natural gas pipeline projects as important for Europe’s gas security, and asserted that both are fully in compliance with European regulations.

Baumgarten is Austria’s largest reception point and the main distribution hub for gas imports from among others, Russia and Norway. The gas hub receives approximately 40 bcm of gas annually and redistributes it elsewhere in Europe including Germany and northern Italy.

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