Holiday Gift To Children From Zorlu Energy: “Solar Energy Book”

Zorlu Energy Group added a new book to its environment and energy book series exclusive for children. Having prepared special books for children in order to inform them about clean energy sources and correct usage of energy within the framework of the “Our Energy for Children” project, Zorlu Energy Group now presents to its book “Solar Energy with Zorlu” to children who live the excitement of the summer holiday.

Green Dragon, hero of the book “Solar Energy with Zorlu” which is the 6th edition of energy book series of the “Our Energy for Children” project, tells children about the benefits of solar energy while explaining the importance of clean and renewable energy sources for a sustainable world in an amusing and didactic manner.”Solar Energy with Zorlu” was co-authored by Prof. Dr. Pınar Bayhan, Head of Child Development Department at Hacettepe University, and Asst. Prof. Fehmi Görkem Üçtuğ, Faculty Member at İzmir University of Economics, to be offered as a present to children.

Zorlu Energy Group’s corporate social responsibility project ongoing since 2010, “Our Energy for Children”, aims at raising knowledge and consciousness among primary schools students about “use of energy sources, importance and place of energy in our lives, energy efficiency and energy saving as well as environmental protection”.

“Energy Books”, one of the amusing and didactic contents of the project, contributed to raising awareness about renewable and secure energy sources among children with five different books so far: “Geothermal Energy with Zorlu”, “Hydropower with Zorlu”, “Wind Power with Zorlu”, “Natural Gas with Zorlu” and “Carbon Footprint with Zorlu”. Children can easily access the 6thedition of the series, “Solar Energy with Zorlu”, on the website of the “Our Energy for Children” project:

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