IV. Istanbul Carbon Summit Final Report 2017

Agreement is an effective and highly inclusive global success as a starting point in combating climate change”. M. Ecer said that “On 30 September 2015, Turkey presented the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention Secretariat a 21% national declaration on greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030. Analytical projects and studies are being carried out to increase the emission reduction policy options. Carbon pricing mechanisms are important. Emissions trading system and carbon tax are the most common mechanisms. The World Bank and the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR), which aims to increase our country’s emission reduction policy options, conduct analytical studies on the suitability of carbon pricing policies, and develop capacity in the public and private sectors. The Emissions Trading System (ETS) Preparation Guide for the private sector and the Carbon Pricing Policy Recommendation for Turkey synthesis report are important”.

Dr. Oğuz Can (Director General for Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources) with his presentation titled “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as a Tool to Fight with Climate Change”, said that “Globally, greenhouse gas emissions are equivalent to 43.7 gigatons of CO2 , with emissions of China, the EU and the United States being 51% of this value. The sum of the 100 countries with the least emission is 3.5% of this value. Turkey produces greenhouse gas less than 1% of this value. Turkey is ranked 84th in the world with the emission of 4.4 tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas per capita. According to the NEUKB policy of Turkey, 10 GW solar energy, 16 GW wind energy installed power and all of the hydro potential are targeted to be used in the energy sector. Waste management and energy efficiency applications are given importance. According to the National Energy and Mine Policy, which is based on Supply Chain-Predictable Market-Localization bases, actions to be taken in energy efficiency with the potential of renewable sources in Turkey is crucial in the fight against climate change in Turkey. Energy savings to be achieved in the fields of industry, technology, energy, transportation, agriculture, buildings and services within the scope of the investments to be realized through Regulation on Renewable Energy Resource Areas and the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan are our powerful tools in combating climate change”.

At the “Carbon Management and Industry” session, managers of leading companies presented their own sustainability management, carbon management successes, and low carbon economy strategies. İnanç Salman (Zorlu Energy Trade Director), starting with emphasizing the danger of global warming and the danger of interacting with living beings, indicated that 72% of Zorlu Energy installed power in Turkey is renewable. İ. Salman said that “We follow high technology for carbon reduction by focusing on especially smart cities with social responsibility projects and investment in renewable sources”. Gül Erol (Enerjisa Technology & Customer Solutions Chief Officer) said that “With distributed generation, on-site production, and increasing end-user productivity, we are offering alternative energy solutions with the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of our customers and reducing their carbon footprint”. Sibel Altınok (Organik Kimya R&D Director) said that “We spend 2% of our sales revenues for R&D and we are working on our products’ life cycle assessment and carbon footprint reduction efforts with the least negative impact on people and environment. We develop bio-based products for our product range and apply energy efficiency projects”. Sustainability management practices in the energy and chemical sectors have received great interest from participants.

The “SPCA Low Carbon Heroes Award Ceremony” was held at the summit. Each award was presented to its winner by Prof.Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu with the reason of awarding. In the race where 42 projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions were candidates, 19 organizations were awarded by SPCA. Successful technical applications of the energy, chemical and food sectors and local authorities as well as training and awarenessraising activities on carbon reduction were awarded. 2017 Low Carbon Heroes received their awards from Dr. Oğuz Can, Director General for Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

Akiş Group with İncesu Wind Power Plant and Local Impact Project, Bereket Energy with Arnaz Wind Power Plant, Gama Energy with LAMAS III-IV Hydropower Plant Carbon Trading and Social Responsibility Project, Enervis in textile sector with Wastewater Heat Recovery, EY Turkey saying that “First, We Are Reducing Our Carbon Footprint”, Ege Agricultural Energy with green charcoal production from olive pomace, Samsun Avdan contributing to awareness of carbon management with Recycling Museum, Kolza Recycling with Collect Waste Vegetable Oils, Reduce Carbon project were announced as the Low Carbon Heroes. As a result of the Green Economy Project in the Village, the Clean Energy Foundation (TEMEV) became a Low Carbon Hero. Our Energy is for Children Project reaching 8000 student with education sets, books, games and theater in primary education, and the measured success of preparing the book “Carbon Footprint with Zorlu” made Zorlu Energy a Low Carbon Hero.

Shell Turkey for project to support disability education with green funding from waste heat recovery, Vestel White Goods for reducing carbon footprint by providing energy efficiency through pressure optimization in paint shop pumps received the Low Carbon Heroes award. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with Bursa Light Spring System II.Stage Project greenhouse gas reduction, Kartal Municipality with Sapling Distribution for No Reason Project, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality İstanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel General Management (İETT) with Science Line Project were awarded. Halkbank was deservedly awarded with the project Keep our Energy for the Future. Sütaş with energy recovery from farm to tables application, BD Turkey with life science and medical technology operations and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing climate flexibility through the value chain became the Low Carbon Heroes. Organik Kimya, which reduces carbon footprint with the wastewater treatment slurry dewatering project using Turkey’s first heated press technology, was declared a Low Carbon Hero.

This year, SPCA with its own tracking and evaluation designated one non-governmental organization as a Low Carbon Hero. All Waste and Environment Management Association (TAYÇED), being the pioneer and spokesperson for waste management and carbon reduction, was chosen as a Low Carbon Hero.

By breaking one more new ground at the III. İstanbul Carbon Summit in the year of 2016, SPCA, being in line with its target of building capacity in the community on the sustainability phenomenon for productionconsumption and service, increasing the awareness of the subject, and creating widespread impact with national and international events, started its “Little Carbon Heroes” study. By reaching pre-school children, consecutive events are planned to bring children “Sustainable Living Culture”, and to contribute to the growing generations who have good carbon management skills.

Faik Reşit Unat Secondary School “Love to Environment Chorus” under management of Mine Yalın, Chief Teacher, became 2017 SPCA Little Carbon Heroes. Love to Environment Chorus, who says “for a climate resistant world count us in”, sang the songs of “Are You Different, Are You Aware?”, “Recycling”, “Life is Energy” and “Praise of Redbud”, and said that

The sun rises every morning Emitting its energy The environment says “Look at me” Energy is renewing itself Life is energy Just use it properly If you waste it Flows through your hands and goes


(http://www.istanbulcarbonsummit.org/summit-archive/iv-ics/2017- little-carbon-heroes/)

SPCA, applied to RINA Turkey for the “ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System” certificate before the II. İstanbul Carbon Summit, carried out its work in accordance with the requirements of the standard. Summit planning and implementation process, in other words all the works done before, during and after the Summit were included in management process with a sustainability approach. SPCA received the first and only “ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System” certificate in Turkey from RINA Turkey on November 30, 2015. RINA Turkey team carried out the audit at the IV. İstanbul Carbon Summit. In all of its work, particularly in the İstanbul Carbon Summit, SPCA implements sustainable management strategy, endeavors to render its events with low carbon and water footprint, and struggles for the best waste management.

Terrariums, especially-designed by the İstanbul Tree and Landscape Corporation, were presented to Dr. Oğuz Can (Director General for Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources) and to Mehrali Ecer (Head of Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation). The İstanbul Tree and Landscape Corporation greened the Summit with its design revealing the beauty of the nature to the stage, and with the Low-Carbon Hero wall-garden panel.

IV. İstanbul Carbon Summit presentations were compiled as an e-book and made available at the Summit website.

Public – private sector – academia – youth – civil society – and the media came side by side on a free platform, and discussed what has been done so far and the needs to be done for a climate-resistant Turkey and the world at the IV. İstanbul Carbon Summit.

Drawing a great deal of attention of printed and visual media and especially sectoral journals, the Summit was followed by 545 delegates. 75% of the participants were representatives from private sector, 10% were public officials, 8% were academics, 5% were students, and 2% were press members. Media management activities undertaken before and after the Summit made contributions to spreading of the objectives and results of the Summit.

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