Number of technoparks in Turkey rises to 71

The total number of technoparks in Turkey has risen to 71, said Turkish Science, Industry and Technology minister.

Faruk Ozlu told Anadolu Agency on Friday two more technoparks, one in the Mediterranean province of Antalya and the other one in Cappadocia, located in central province of Nevsehir, have been added to the country’s technoparks making the new number of technoparks 71.

Ozlu referred to the importance of cooperation between a university and industry so that the Turkish industry can focus on exports and compete in international markets.

In this way, he said, the academic knowledge can lead to new technologies and these technologies will enable the development of new products.

In mid-January, Ozlu said that 2018 will be a breakthrough year in technology with Turkey’s local production policy and the country will see even more research and development (R&D), design, and technoparks this year.

“This year, we will boost the number of our R&D centers to 1,000, design centers to 250, and technoparks to 80,” said Ozlu.

He previously stated that five new technology development zones were established in 2017, and as of Jan. 16, Turkey had 69 technoparks, with five more on the way.

Ozlu said that in 56 out of 71 technoparks, firms are carrying on their R&D and innovation works and that 15 Turkish technoparks were under construction process.

The minister said that the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone — having 270 factories — had a big potential for entrepreneurs, who want to do R&D and innovation projects and researchers.

In addition, hundreds of staff are planned to be employed in both technoparks in Antalya and Cappadocia, he said.

“In Cappadocia Technology Development Zone, 30 entrepreneur firms are expected to be functional in three years,” he said and added that the employment of R&D staff will be especially encouraged.

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