Zorlu Energy is “Low Carbon Hero” Once Again

The IV. Istanbul Carbon Summit organized by Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SPCA) gathered together the companies working on carbon economy and reduction in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

In the award ceremony organized for the third time this year within the framework of the summit, Zorlu Energy Group has been rewarded the “Low Carbon Hero” award for its social responsibility project aimed at primary school students, “Our Energy for Children”. Having been rewarded for its works related to carbon management, sustainability and transition to clean energy systems, Zorlu Energy Group is the holder of “Low Carbon Hero” title for three years.

“On the way toward self-sufficient houses/cities”


İnanç Salma, Trade Director at Zorlu Energy Group, made a speech in the session titled “Carbon Management and Industry” moderated by Prof. Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu and stated: “New mainstreams in the energy sector are going toward a decrease in carbon emissionWe are moving from conventional systems, which supply energy by power plants, toward self-sufficient houses/cities by using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. Technological developments in energy storage systems and decreasing costs also support this trend. Thus, it is possible to further reduce the carbon footprint in the energy sector by preventing the fluctuations in energy generation from renewable energy sources.”

Having expressed their happiness of being rewarded as “Low Carbon Hero” for three years, Salman added: “At Zorlu Energy, we take part in all the activities that decrease carbon emissions and increase the usage of renewable energy. We are working on raising the renewable energy rate which is 73% in our portfolio in Turkey.”


Children learn about energy while having fun

“Our Energy for Children” project, introduced by Zorlu Energy Group as an energy education project at national level, aims at raising awareness among children on energy, energy sources, energy saving, climate change and renewable energy. Launched in 2010, the project was reconfigured in the 2015-2016 education term and was enriched with games, special activities and contents prepared in conformity with the curriculum.

In the course of the project carried out with the participation of 464 teachers in 155 schools in Gaziantep, Manisa, Aydın, Denizli, Edirne, Tekirdag and Osmaniye in this year, academics from Bahcesehir University and Hacettepe University also contributed to the creation of an effective learning process for 3rd and 4th year students.

About Zorlu Energy Group:

The Zorlu Energy Group provides a wide range of services with high added value, including power generation and trade, natural gas trade and distribution, “turn-key delivery” construction that includes project designing of power plants, long term maintenance and operation services of power plants. One of the industry’s leading establishments with an installed capacity of 644 MW in Turkey, thanks to its production portfolio of 6 natural gas, 7 hydroelectric, 3 geothermal and 4 wind plants, the Zorlu Energy Group has a total of 991 MW of installed capacity with its investments in Pakistan and Israel.

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