Zorlu Energy will supply electricity to Palestine

Zorlu Energy continues to expand its investments in the field of solar energy. At the beginning of this year; expanding its 100 MW solar energy investment in Pakistan with a signed memorandum of understanding for 200 MW second project, Zorlu Energy, at the same time, is the biggest business partner and the exclusive distributor of First Solar -which develops the new generation technologies in the solar energy area- in 26 countries in the Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Zorlu Energy put a brand new agreement into practice in this direction and signed a reciprocal memorandum of understanding (MoU) with JDECO (Jerusalem Electricity Distribution Company) electricity distribution company which provides 25% of electricity of Palestine with a view to establishing and operating solar energy plants which will provide electricity to Palestine.

Expressing his feelings and thoughts concerning the agreement Sinan Ak, CEO of Zorlu Energy Group, said “As Zorlu Energy, we continue to deepen and diversify our investments in solar energy systems which are clean energy sources and which we believe their potential. Our 300 MW solar energy investment decision in Pakistan and the agreement we signed in order to be the biggest business partner and the exclusive distributor of First Solar in 26 countries were highly meaningful as those are our first initiatives on this subject. With this investment we have planned to make in Palestine, we have taken another important step towards our goal of leading the development of solar energy in our region.”

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